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Firearms In Phoenix, AZ

Our shop is well stocked with new & used firearms, ammunition and accessories of all types. Our inventory is constantly changing, so if you're looking for something specific, give us a call and we'll check if we have the item in stock.
Firearms Selection
Our pawn shop buys and sells firearms, ammunition and firearm accessories.

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Be aware that when you come into our shop to purchase firearms, the law requires a federal background check, so we follow those procedures with your purchase. A valid Arizona State ID or Driver's License is required for all firearm purchases.

Background Check

The background check requires the purchaser to fill out an ATF Form 4473 in our store at the time of purchase. Once the form, required identification and a $10.00 processing fee are provided to a staff member, it usually takes approximately 5 minutes for a response from the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The NICS examiner will provide one of the three following responses:

  1. Proceed – You have been approved to purchase the firearm and may leave with the weapon after the purchase is completed.
  2. Delayed – The FBI NICS examiner has requested the purchase be delayed in order for them to complete the background check. If this response is received, the examiner will place a 3 business day hold (does not include weekends or holidays) on the transaction, which begins the next business day after the initial check, and provide a date for the delayed period to end. During the delay period, NICS will contact our pawnshop and provide a proceed or denied response for the transaction. If no response is received by the end of the hold period as indicated by the date provided by the first examiner, you may purchase the weapon with no further delay.
  3. Denied – The FBI NICS examiner has determined that the transaction may not be completed and that we may not sell the weapon.

Things to Remember

Background checks are valid for a thirty (30) day period.

We have no input or bearing on the decisions made by the FBI NICS examiners. If a background check is denied, we will provide you with the information necessary to appeal the decision. The decision may be appealed online or in writing by the person declined.

Many times we receive a response to a delayed transaction prior to the end of the 3 business day hold period. We will write your telephone number at the top of the ATF Form 4473 and give you a call as soon as we receive their response.

If your background check is approved, either by an instant proceed or during a delayed holding period, the $10.00 you provided for the background check will be applied to your purchase. If the background check receives a denied response, or you do not return to purchase a firearm, the $10.00 will be forfeited to cover our costs associated with performing the transaction.

Running multiple background checks on the same individual may create further delays so please wait for a response prior to attempting additional purchases at other locations.